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David Solomon
Owner & Lead Installer

My name is David Solomon. I grew up in Lakewood and attended Lakewood High School. I am the proud father of three young kids, raising them in Lakewood with my lovely wife. Fixing anything and everything has always been in my blood. I spent my career as a machine operator in a print shop before following my passion to launch Little Rock in August 2020. In my free time I’m either chasing my kids, working on an old car, or doing yard work (sometimes all three things at once).


I enjoy doing hands-on projects more than anything and I love bringing a smile to someone’s face in being able to upgrade their home. I especially love working my own community of Lakewood where I can visibly see my work improving the city and getting to know community members.

Why the name "Little Rock"? That was my nickname in football, being a small and mighty guy. I think that's also a good description of the business model - staying small so we can solidly serve our customers.

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Caity Solomon
Director of Operations

My name is Caity Solomon. I am the one behind the scenes keeping everything running smoothly! I handle initial inquiries, quote scheduling, estimating, permit submissions, material ordering, client communication, and social media. My degree in architecture is complemented by my 13-year career in small business operations and marketing, making Little Rock the perfect marriage of my talents with David's (if you haven't yet figured out, we are married to each other and have three kids).

I am truly grateful to be at the helm of a ship that we set sail in the middle of a pandemic, throwing all caution to the wind with all of the intention that this could be life-changing for our family! David is awesome with customers and doing the labor, while I am at my happiest in an AutoCAD drawing or Excel spreadsheet. My goal is to make our clients comfortable and exceed communication expectations - something that, frankly, is missing in the male-dominated world of contracting.

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