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The Story of Little Rock

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My name is David Solomon. I grew up in Lakewood and attended Lakewood High School. I am the proud father of three young kids, raising them in Lakewood with my lovely wife. Fixing anything and everything has always been in my blood. I spent my career as a machine operator in a print shop before following my passion to launch Little Rock in August 2020. In my free time I’m either chasing my kids, working on an old car, or doing yard work (sometimes all three things at once).

I enjoy doing hands-on projects more than anything and I love bringing a smile to someone’s face in being able to upgrade their home. I especially love working my own community of Lakewood where I can visibly see my work improving the city and getting to know community members.

Why the name "Little Rock"? That was my nickname in football, being a small and mighty guy. I think that's also a good description of the business model - staying small so we can solidly serve our customers.

I can't talk about the business without thanking my wife, Caity, who has been my biggest cheerleader on this venture. She supported me in quitting a full time stable job in the middle of a pandemic to launch Little Rock. Judging by how many cars I have bought and sold throughout the 11 years I've known her, I think she knows when that sparkle in my eye can't be ignored any longer. Caity has a background in architecture and small business operations. She runs everything behind the scenes - from permits to material orders to social media. We make a good team and she's the one keeping it all running smoothly!

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